Putin on the Fritz!

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette May 17, 2022 “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have gone something good.“. In the film, The Sound of Music, Captain Von Trapp sings of finding love with Maria as the world around them teeters toward World War II.   Today, Putin’s Russia is evil incarnate; love isContinue reading “Putin on the Fritz!”

Growing Up Irish in Hamp

In 1930, my 20-year-old father, James, emigrated to Northampton from County Kerry. His aunt was married to Dan Moriarty, a successful Irishman. The studious Moriarty children became teachers and doctors. Dad did odd jobs before renting a gas station in 1934. Jim married Imogene Smith. They met at the Northampton State Hospital. “Jean” was aContinue reading “Growing Up Irish in Hamp”

Motoring to the Opinion Page

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette January 17, 2023 I’m a big fan of memoirs, even in shorter versions called obituaries. Many a successful writer earned their spurs in the morgue; the highs and lows of famous lives. Politicians, actors, writers, comedians, athletes, worry: “the first line of my obit will be the dumbest thingContinue reading “Motoring to the Opinion Page”

Peace, love and joy this Christmas

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette December 20, 2022 Movie directors have one big advantage over writers, flashbacks! In seconds their audience can be shifted to childhood events, later revealed to have had a surprising influence. Scene: President Coolidge’s home town. I arrived on earth during 1933’s 12-day Christmas season. Around two thousand years afterContinue reading “Peace, love and joy this Christmas”

Saved By the Bell

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette November 21, 2022 The Oct. 13 Gazette’s headline and schematic shouted out that a $45 million commercial and residential building is planned for 79 King St. As lifelong subscribers, our parents, Jim and Imogene, must be having the laugh of their post-lifetime. Why? Because of remembering the shabby RichfieldContinue reading “Saved By the Bell”

Message from the 20th Century

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette October 17, 2022 In September, a Boston Globe Op-Ed was titled, “The White House bowling alley is a symbol of what’s wrong with US politics.” It began “Not long after President Truman’s departure from the White House, Americans began ‘bowling alone.’ That is, by scores of measures–from bowling toContinue reading Message from the 20th Century

Falling in Love with Love

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette September 21, 2022 In September, we celebrated our wedding anniversary, and a few birthdays with a picnic in Look Park. Following three years of Covid restrictions it felt great to greet dozens of loved ones for the pure joy of hugging each other.  In 1942, my parents took meContinue reading “Falling in Love with Love”

Sworn oaths. Slippery slopes

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette July 20, 2022 Fox Noise is missing an opportunity to not only blame Joe Biden for inflation, gas prices, border crossings and the ongoing Ukrainian war. His worse sin may go back to 20l0. The ACA or Obamacare passed by a whisker following intensive lobbying and arm twisting byContinue reading “Sworn oaths. Slippery slopes”

Celebrating a Slice of Americana

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette June 14, 2022 On July 4th, 2026, our United States will celebrate the 250th Anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence. Yet, we kept Britain’s ideals, like representative government and the English language.  Today, years seem longer than they used to be. We’ve been home for two now, and, asContinue reading “Celebrating a Slice of Americana”

Submit to poetry in wartime

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette April 21, 2022 Old saying: “Russia without Ukraine is a country; Russia with Ukraine is an empire.” I follow the news. That Putin is a “killer” is no revelation as we recall the 2020 poisoning of his political foe Alexei Navalny, Navalny recovered in Germany before returning to Russia. HeContinue reading “Submit to poetry in wartime”