The Krypton Kid

–The act of reading occurred,Like creation, in sage steps.. First awareness of selfhoodWas there. Idolatry, beyond  Teacher’s axioms and actionWords became rationality.  Take comics for instance:Captain Marvel’s, “Shazam!”  Superman’s, “Faster than…”In them I invested my youth.  In them I found me: grown up.Doing deeds I could not do,  Never would do. Before girlsIntruded, icons foughtContinue reading “The Krypton Kid”

The Russians Are Here—Nervous?

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette September 14, 2020 Did you hear the one about the Russian ‘tourist’ who offered a cool million dollars to a Tesla employee for doing him a favor? The KGB agent’s request was to have his mark install malware into Tesla’s computer system. Shockingly, it’s a true story and itContinue reading “The Russians Are Here—Nervous?”

“Tell the truth and shame the devil”

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette  July 16, 2019 When German Chancellor Angela Merkel railed against walls of all kinds in this year’s Harvard Commencement; she knew her subject. Merkel was born, raised and educated in East Germany. After the Berlin Wall was built, in 1961, she could only wonder about Democracy on the otherContinue reading ““Tell the truth and shame the devil””